Google is starting its own indie games festival

Coming to San Francisco this September

Google has announced plans to host a new independent games festival in San Francisco.

The event, creatively dubbed the “Google Play Indie Games Festival,” is set to take place at the Terra Gallery on September 24 and will be both free and open to the general public.

The team at Google Play is currently soliciting submissions from Android developers for “high-quality games that are both innovative and fun,” but is especially keen on augmented and virtual reality games. 

Because “indie” is such a nebulous term, Google Play is only interested in games from development teams with 15 or fewer employees. The company also requires these games release sometime during this calendar year and come from either the United States or Canada.

Deepest apologies to all of the 16-man squads in Mexico with hot new Android games out there!

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Kyle MacGregor Burleson