Google finally launched the free version of Stadia

Stadia Base is now simply called Stadia

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Google Stadia has been around for five months now, and its legacy thus far is one of drawn-out promises and staggered features. Google has a lot of things planned, and only a fraction of those actually launched alongside Stadia last November. It has led to an underwhelmed and tepid reception, leaving potential customers wondering “That’s it?”

Last week, Stadia checked one more thing off the to-do list. Google has finally launched the free version of Stadia, the one that doesn’t require a subscription fee. It’s a simple concept: Users can buy games and then they get to play the games they bought. This version comes with a name change, as free Stadia is just called “Stadia,” and Google has dropped the original title which was “Stadia Base.”

However, anyone who’s interested in Stadia doesn’t have a whole lot of incentive to try out the free version because Stadia Pro is free for two months right now. The premium tier usually costs $10 per month but Google’s just giving it away for a little while. Just make sure to cancel before it auto-renews.

Anyone with even the slightest interest in Stadia would be wise to jump on the two-month offer. It comes with nine games to play, including Tequila Works’ Gylt which is exclusive to Stadia for now. With most internet service providers having temporarily suspended data caps, there’s no better time to see if game streaming is something that suits you. Although Xbox is doing the same thing with Project xCloud (which is still in beta), and arguably doing it much better.

This Week on Stadia: Play Stadia Pro for free, starting today [Stadia]

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