Google Earth plus PS3 plus zombie outbreak equals The Last Guy and ‘do want’

Here’s something that’s relevant to my own interests: Sony’s upcoming zombie outbreak PlayStation Network title, The Last Guy. When a mysterious purple ray hits the Earth, turning normal citizens into monsters and blood-thirsty zombies, the player becomes mankind’s last remaining hope and must escort survivors to designated safety zones.

But here’s where it gets really interesting: the game features real-world locales (Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London), and utilizes high-resolution sattelite imagery from Google Earth to render the cities. You’ll encounter 10 types of zombies, as well as bosses, and you’ll have a bunch of special abilities like heat vision, time freezing, and more. 

PlayStation.Blog has some details and a few screens, and is promising to trickle out marketing hype details leading up to the game’s release. While I’m not exactly sure this is going to replace my burning desire to storm Valve’s offices and steal playable Left 4 Dead code, I definitely have my eye on The Last Guy. I mean, zombies, folks. Zombies.

There’s a The Last Guy browser-based Web game that designs levels based on URLs; try and let us know how that works out for you.

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