Google celebrates Tetris’ 25th anniversary like Google can

Ok, I’m sure you are all sick of all my coverage of Tetris this E3. Hey, it’s not my fault the game is 25 years old (older than me!), and everybody wants to make a big deal about it. I mean, who do you know who has not played the game?

Obviously, Google has played Tetris. In celebration for today’s silver anniversary of the block-busting game, Google has changed the front page logo to something recognizable to gamers everywhere. Alexey Pajitnov, creator of Tetris, commented (courtesy PR release, of course):

“This is a huge honor for all of us at Tetris. We are exceedingly grateful to Google for such a meaningful global salute.  Both Google and TETRIS share important qualities that bring people around the world together.  Both Google and TETRIS transcend culture and fulfill a universal desire for order.” 

 Well, congratulations Tetris! Since the game’s original release, the Soviet Union has fallen, Paris Hilton has become cultural figurehead of a generation, and games about slumber parties and gardening have become a normality. We wish you another great 25 years!

Ben Perlee