Google Android powers Gizmondo 2: Yes, there is a Gizmondo 2

Gizmondo 2? Seriously?

Apparently it’s happening, and the news is that the Google Android operating system shall be powering it. The Gizmondo, for those who don’t know — and you can be forgiven for that — is a portable gaming device with GPRS and GPR technology. It also has practically zero software.

The original sold poorly, no doubt hindered by a high asking price (the original RRP in the UK was £229) and the fact that one of the partners in the Gizmondo project was also involved in organized crime. Its total obscurity probably never helped, either.

The non-criminal partner in Gizmondo’s bankrupt manufacturer, Carl Freer, reached an agreement with liquidators this year and announced that he planned to relaunch Gizmondo. 

Which brings us to the present day, and the reveal of Gizmondo 2: Back In The Habit. Aesthetically, this new model looks pretty much like the old one, and will probably share the same fate as well. That said, I must confess I’m tempted to pick it up for a laugh.

James Stephanie Sterling