Goodbye, Club Nintendo

Nintendo’s loyalty program discontinued

After nearly seven years, Club Nintendo has called it quits, discontinuing service in North America.

The loyalty program debuted alongside the GameCube’s European launch in 2002 as Nintendo VIP 24:7 before coming to Japan as Club Nintendo the following year. It then arrived in Australia by April 2008, leaving North America as the lone holdout until December. Now it’s the first to say goodbye.

“Our heartfelt thanks to our members for your support over the years,” a note on the Club Nintendo website reads. “Please stay tuned for more information on our new loyalty program.”

Anyone that received download codes from the service must redeem their digital rewards via the Nintendo eShop before they expire on July 31, 2015. The company also notes the last round of physical rewards will be shipped by the end of September.

Club Nintendo plans to cease operations in Europe, Australia, and Japan on September 30.

A new loyalty program (designed with help from DeNA, the mobile company Nintendo acquired a stake in earlier this year) is planned to roll out shortly thereafter.

Anyway, so long, Club Nintendo. It was good. Thanks for all the free junk.

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