Good times at the Destructoid KarE3oke party

The Destructoid KarE3oke party sponsored by Hammersuit, GoNintendo, IndustryGamers, and GamersGate was a huge success (PC and Mac World even talked about our party!) The party held at the Caffe Brass Monkey was packed full of gamers, journalists, developers, publishers and maybe even a hobo or two at some point. Even when the open bar closed down, people still stuck around and enjoyed some karaoke well into 2:00AM. Jesus. Didn’t these people have a job to do or something in the morning?!

Big thanks to everyone that was able to make it out. I think it’s safe to say that we’ll definitely be doing this again next year. I’d say more about the party, but pictures say a thousand words and the gallery below has over 100 photos for you to check out. Plus, most of the night was a blur to me … How did a Dtoid sticker get on my crotch?!

[Thanks to Joe Burling, Dexter345, MommaDonna, Suff0Cat and Golgotron for the photos!]

More karoke videos over on Dexter345’s C Blog.

Hamza Aziz