Good thing Titanfall is getting a horde mode because there’s no one else to play with

Stompy stompy with friends

In a live Twitch Stream today, Respawn announced and demonstrated a new horde-style game mode for Titanfall, yay!

Why am I the only one excited?

Well, for anyone else who’s still playing Titanfall, we can expect a fairly standard horde mode experience. Four players will go up against increasingly threatening waves of Grunts, Specters, and Titans as they defend the “Harvester,” a big shinny MacGuffin pumping out all important SPACE FUEL. There’ll be some new toys to play with, including deployable turrets to help manage the outrageous number or troops coming at you, and burn cards you’ll sock away for “an emergency” and forget to use.

The horde mode enemy Titans look tough as nails, shrouded in a sphere of electricity that prevents rodeo attacks and punishes attempts to Titan-punch them into submission. Looks like players will have to rethink their strategies if they want to take them out without getting themselves killed in the process.

Respawn also mentioned a few other upcoming game modes including Marked for Death Pro (a refinement of the current mode), and the very interesting sounding Deadly Ground mode. Deadly Ground is described as a “the floor is lava” kind of situation that will force pilots to stick to wall-running and rooftops to get around, so make sure to work on your parkour skills before it drops on November 5!

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