Good Smile’s Journey figurine could become your new life coach

Let them show you the way

Do you have any toys or figurines that keep you on the straight and narrow? I not only have an Isabelle amiibo on my desk, but I also have great figures of Persona 5‘s jailers, Justine and Caroline, all of whose stern faces and working spirit keep me from wandering away from the PC to take my 19th lunch break of the morning.

But perhaps the most inspiring figurine on the market is this delightful example, fresh from merchandising giants Good Smile. “The Traveler” is the nameless protagonist of thatgamecompany’s 2012 classic Journey, and is ready to trek their way onto a bookshelf near you soon, where they will no doubt inspire you as you continue on your own life-quest.

Standing just in seven inches in height, The Traveler is the latest release in Good Smile’s “Pop Up Parade” range, which also includes other gaming and anime icons such as Persona 5‘s Joker, RWBY‘s Ruby Rose, and Vocaloid‘s Hatsune Miku. The Traveler does not feature any accessories or articulation, but is beautifully styled and retails for a reasonable ¥3,454, or roughly $31 USD.

If you fancy a traveler of your very own, then they are available to pre-order now from the Good Smile website and other online retailers. The Traveler is expected to ship in January 2021.

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