Good on Sega for keeping Space Channel 5 alive

A fresh look at Kinda Funky News Flash

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Even if I never end up playing the new Space Channel 5 designed solely for virtual reality, the knowledge that the rhythm series is alive and well in 2018 in any capacity warms my heart. Between this and the niche-PSP-series-turned-VR-game No Heroes Allowed, we seem to have a guardian angel.

PlayStation Japan is on a roll with PlayStation VR news ahead of Tokyo Game Show, and that includes a new trailer for Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash (as it’s known in the US).

I’m very into the stretchy alien boss. That’s real good.

As for the VR integration, you’ll just have to imagine a bit of physical exertion. Instead of pressing buttons at the right time like before, picture yourself dancing and striking a pose alongside Ulala. The Japanese arcade version uses Vive, but the home release doesn’t seem finalized aside from PSVR.

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