Good on Fortnite for adding split-screen support

11.30 added split-screen on PS4 and Xbox One

These days, it’s rare that you’ll ever see me cover Fortnite it’s just not my thing, and that’s okay. But every so often, the game does something notable or cool that gets me talking. Today, with update 11.30, that something is split-screen support. Too few games let you play side by side with a partner.

Fortnite players can share their screen with a friend in battle royale Duos and Squads on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Epic Games is calling this an “early release,” so there may still be kinks to work out.

To play split-screen on PS4, have player one log into Fortnite, select Battle Royale, and then have player two connect a second controller and hold down the X button to join. At that point, both players can switch back and forth between who has control of the menus (just hold X again to become the active player). Everyone has time to get situated before hopping into the Duos or Squads queue.

Split-screen works much the same way on Xbox One, and here’s how much screen real estate you get:

To play Fortnite split-screen on Xbox One, have player two hold down the A button to join while you're still on the Battle Royale menu.

If my brother and I had been born a couple decades later, we’d be all over this.

Update 11.30 has also given rise to speculation about a 2020 annual pass for Fortnite. “Occasionally prototype features make it into our build that end up not being released,” Epic Games said in a statement. “While the 2020 Annual Pass was considered, we have no plans to release it.”

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