Good Old Games voices opposition to SOPA and PIPA

As if we needed any more reasons to love Good Old Games, the purveyor of quality nostalgia has voiced opposition to SOPA and explained to its customers exactly what’s so nasty about the proposed bill. 

“The more we see that it looks like the US Congress may pass SOPA or PIPA, the more we feel that we need to speak out,” wrote the company. “It’s impossible to say what impact that legislation could have on a global company like, but we have a platform that can reach out to many gamers who will be effected by this, so we need to let you know about what SOPA and PIPA are and why, if you’re American, you should be worried about them.

“… Will SOPA/PIPA work? It might, depending on your definition of “work.” It will put the power over what content is available on the Internet very firmly into the hands of people who are rights-holders — or who claim to be. It will restrict the scope of legitimate content allowed on websites in ways we probably don’t even know yet. A few examples of what might change if SOPA is passed: it could kill streaming of game footage or even game-chat, radically alter how your favorite user-generated content websites — including the forums — function, and finally, it may well undermine the basic structure of the Internet.”

It’s a nicely written piece that explains the impact of SOPA/PIPA quite eloquently. I love GOG, and today I double-love it. Nice!

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