Good Old Games adds Worms, Superfrog, and Alien Breed

Good Old Games is always looking to add new developers and publishers to their ever growing library of aged-but-enjoyable PC games. The latest developer addition is Team 17. Right now, you can get Worms United, Superfrog, and Alien Breed. Later you’ll be able to get World Rally Fever: Born on the Road.

Worms United is the first Worms game plus its expansion set, Worms: Reinforcements. Alien Breed also includes Alien Breed: Tower Assault. Superfrog is my pick from these newly added titles. I played them all on my Amiga back in the day, and it’s hard to not have fun as a flying frog that fights ghosts.

All of these games are just $5.99 each, so you should at least go get one of them. adds Team 17 to our roster of fantastic partners []

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