Good luck dealing with Rune: Ragnarok’s gigantic beasts

Definitely Loki, definitely not low-key

Human Head’s back and it’s back with a fury. Last August, we learned that there’s going to be a new installment in early-2000s series Rune. Now we get to see more than some fire and stones.

In the first proper look at Rune: Ragnarok, there’s a lot of Norse mythology to marvel at. Humongous sea serpents, terrifying dragons, whatever’s in the header image. (Are they just called giants? Yeah, They Might Be Giants.) A BIG PUPPY. And this is all before we even get to the gods.

This open-world action RPG doesn’t yet have a release date but it has a this-is-when-you-can-try-it time frame. Human Head is running either an alpha or a beta sometime later this year. Details about signing up will presumably come closer to testing time. For now, you’ll have to stay content with this trailer and the dude getting beat with his own arm at the very end.

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