Good at Rocket League? Compete for a $75K prize pool

Rocket League launches championship series

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Rocket League developer Psyonix has teamed up with Twitch to launch a Rocket League Championship series with a $75,000 prize pool.

Kicking off in March, competitors must register in groups of three to enter the qualifiers for the inaugural season. All matches must be played on PS4 or PC, although there are plans to support additional platforms “in the future.”

“From the moment we hit the pitch last July, we knew that Rocket League was a legitimate esport,” says Jeremy Dunham vice president at Psyonix. “Twitch and its streamers have been an instrumental part of our success since we launched last July, and that made them a perfect match for us. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with a team that we respect as highly as we do Twitch, and we can’t wait to show the world what we can do in esports together!”

“The Twitch community has collectively rallied around Rocket League to help it achieve organic success on our platform,” added Twitch’s Nick Allen. “By working with Psyonix to build an official professional league around this grassroots phenomenon, Rocket League’s legions of players and fans can potentially turn their passion into a career.” 

Keep an eye on for matches and updates.

So, which one of you has their eye on some of that $75K, eh? 

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