This GoldenEye 64 setup is anti-screen-cheating by splitting all four screens

Goldeneye 64 no screen-cheating

Live on Saturday, May 7 at a Centre for Computing History event

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This amazing GoldenEye 64 anti-screen-cheating setup from the Centre for Computing History is a marvel of engineering, and it’s playable soon.

Set to arrive publicly on Saturday, May 7 at a Centre for Computing History event in Cambridge, England, this GoldenEye 64 anti-screen-cheating setup re-routes authentic Nintendo 64 hardware to four screens. The idea is to eliminate screen-cheating (also known as “screen-looking,” when someone can clearly see your split-screen view and know where you are at all times) by giving everyone their own TV set.

It essentially perfectly frames each “split” portion into its own screen, and once the first player (which is centered) selects the match parameters, everything will be framed correctly for players 2-4. According to the centre, it takes “£8,000 worth of kit” to make this happen. I appreciate the dedication to make this completely legit with the original hardware, but then again, it is the Centre for Computing History: preserving games is kind of what they do!

If you’re local and want to partake, you can find event signups here. It’ll involve guest speakers Martin Hollis, Dr. David Doak and Brett Jones, who were all developers for the original Nintendo 64 game. While GoldenEye 64 anti-screen-cheating will be the main event, there are other activities as well, like the chance to play the Japanese edition of GoldenEye 64, and a working “fully playable version” of the abandoned GoldenEye Remastered on the Xbox 360.

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