Golden Sun sequel confirmed as fake, tears flow like wine

Recently, the Internet spawned a rumor amidst all the excitement of E3 that a sequel to the heavily under-appreciated Golden Sun series was coming to the Nintendo DS. Like fish on those tiny, delicious fishflakes Joystiq, GoNintendo and other sites pounced, working furiously to spread the news as quickly as their tiny, malformed hands could. That night, their heads filled with gumdrops and thoughts of handheld RPG action, many children went to bed happy. Sadly, as is so often the case, those children were all idiots. — Australia’s answer to descending from criminals and rapists — has an interview up with the perpetrator of the hoax, a member of their own forums, a fellow who goes by the obtusely ironic name ‘Opium’. It seems that Mr. Opium created the clever faςade to convince Nintendo that the series had a large fanbase and that we actually want to see more Golden Sun titles.

I’d like to say he’s a jerk, or some other form of condemnation, but I totally agree with the guy, and obviously his rumor was convincing enough to attract the attentions of people whose eyes have glazed over from years of photovoltaic abuse. Golden Sun is almost completely forgotten in light of all the Final Fantasy’s and Dragon Quest’s, and in a world where the most striking thing about Nintendo’s E3 showing was the same technology they employed in the Power Pad, that’s truly a shame.

Earnest Cavalli
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