Golden Axe II and III are now free on mobile devices

Original updated to Golden Axe collection

Golden Axe II and III are now available for free on mobile devices thanks to Sega’s “Sega Forever” line up. Instead of having three separate apps, the original Golden Axe has been updated to now be the Golden Axe Collection. You’ll have access to all the typical Sega Forever features (Bluetooth controller support, cloud saves, and leaderboards) for the two Genesis exclusive sequels as well as having the complete series on the go.

As with Sega’s other free mobile offerings, these games will be ad-supported. You can pay to remove ads for either the entire bundle or on a per-game basis. The cost for the trilogy will be $4.99/5.49/£4.99 while individual games will cost $1.99/2.29/£1.99.

I may not be the biggest fan of Golden Axe’s sequels, but it is really nice to have an entire trilogy worth of games on mobile devices. If I ever have the desire to beat some dudes up with a ridiculously overpowered jump attack while sitting on a train, at least I can do that without much hassle.

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