Going outside is so last-gen; fishing is better left indoors

After witnessing the fine art of fishing in Twilight Princess and then getting a taste of what the experience could be like on Nintendo’s hardware, it was only a matter of time before somebody released yet another fishing game for the Wii. Thanks to Aksys Games, you’ll be able to put those childhood skills of yours (you did go outside at one time, didn’t you?) to good use using the Wiimote. 

EB Games has the game listed on their Web site for $59.99, and it’s slated for a September 3rd release. So why the extra $10 for a Wii game, you ask? Well it seems that Hooked: Real Motion Fishing comes with a controller — or more like some sort of Wiimote/Nunchuck encasing, if you look at the picture closely.  Nonetheless, the game promises to enthrall you with six different realistic lakes in which you can try your hand at reeling in the big one.

If the three single-player modes start to get blasé, Hooked promises the chance to take your tackle box to greater heights with Wi-Fi enabled multiplayer fun. Hit the jump for the full details from the press release.

Hooked! Real Motion Fishing Features:

  • The only fishing game on the Wii with online multiplayer!
    Challenge the best virtual fishermen around the world via online Wi-Fi play.
  • Immerse yourself in the fight with realistic fishing controls!
    You’ll be working up a sweat as you lean your Wii Remote in every possible direction, all the while, reeling the Nunchuk like crazy to catch the big one. It’s as if you have a rod and reel right in your hands!
  • A wide range of fishing environments!
    Explore 6 photorealistic lakes, from a meteorite crater turned lake to a man-made recreational reservoir.

3 exciting single-player gameplay modes!
Hone your skills in Practice or Time Attack mode. Then take on Tournament mode to see if you can become the next world champion!

Now you can ridicule your elders when they talk about how they had to walk several miles to school in the snow, without shoes. Well maybe not, but you can tell politely tell them that all that expensive fishing equipment is hardly necessary with modern technology. Armed with a Wiimote, you may never need to go outside again — well, at least not to go fishing.

[Thanks BlindsideDork]