Going back to Silent Hill: Shattered Memories interview

Ah, Silent Hill. We’ve joked about it, gotten hands on time with it, and speculated about what we think a “reimagining” of one of the most classic survival horror games of all time could be like. After all, whether Shattered Memories is a straight remake or a completely different story using a familiar character, Silent Hill fans are notoriously hard to please (and I say this out of personal experience).

We got a chance at E3 to meet with Ray Hiyoshi, Konami’s Product Manager, to find a out a bit more about what makes Shattered Memories tick, including why the team chose to focus on escape rather than combat, what they’re going for with the idea of a reimagining, and why we’re going to be scared to death when we can finally get our hands on it later this year. Hit the jump to check out the full video!

Colette Bennett