GOG weekend sale has adventures and Raptor for 50% off

GOG.com is having another weekend sale, and they appear to have dropped the “it’s only 50% off if you buy all of them” bit from older deals in recent weeks. Hooray!

This time the theme is DotEmu games, with the Gobliiins Pack (all three games), the Ishar compilation (all three games), the Robinson’s Requiem collection (Robinson’s Requiem and Deus) and Raptor: Call of the Shadows 2010 Edition all discounted to a measily $2.99.

The Ishar and Robinson’s Requiem games may not have aged that well, but the Gobliiins series is a timeless classic. As for Apogee’s classic Raptor, it ranks among Tyrian and Xenon 2 Megablast as my favorite PC shmups of all time, so I can’t recommend it enough if you are a younger — but devoted — shmup fan who missed it.

The 2010 Edition of Raptor features some improved graphics and support for 640×400, 960×600 and 1280×800 resolutions, while the oldschool graphics are still available should you want them.

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