GOG summer sale kicks off with Obduction giveaway

Everybody’s gone surfin’. Surfin’ G.O.G.

It’s not even meteorological summer and yet GOG.com is kicking off its summer sale with a free giveaway. From now through Saturday at 09:00 EST, you can grab a DRM-free copy of Rand Miller’s Myst spiritual successor, Obduction. Free is a pretty price to pay for a game that Caitlin Cooke gave 9/10 in her review a few years back.

As for the sale itself, 24-hour flash offers are back to keep you checking-in each day. There are also some cutely themed bundles that are referencing bands, a la a greatest hits album. Shoutout to the person who named the Stellaris, Surviving Mars, and Aven Colony bundle Alien Planet Farm. You the real hero.

As far as personal highlights from this sale, Mutant Year Zero is looking mighty tasty at $20.99, and while I wasn’t as sold on Katana ZERO as CJ was in his review, $11.99 for that is a bargain by any means. What about you though? Find anything good? Got any suggestions for your fellow reader? Drop ’em in the comments below.

Oh also BioShock: Infinite is DRM-free for the first time, if that matters to you.

GOG.com opens Summer Sale Festival [GOG.com]

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