GOG having a 50 percent off sale on community faves

Sure GOG just had one of the worst PR stunts ever take place, instilling fear and worry into everyone who used the service, but, damn it, they still sell good old games for really solid prices. Those prices are even more solid this weekend as they offer up 10 community favorite games for 50 percent off their normal price.

“That’s awesome, Matt. Thanks for telling me, but I’d love to know what you’re going to get from this sale,” is most likely what you’re thinking right now, so I’ll go ahead and tell you.

I’ve never played Psychonauts (subtract 10 gamer cred points), and $4.99 for it is literally the equivalent of paying that same amount for a filet mignon. I’ll be getting that. I’m also pondering Syberia or The Longest Journey as I’ve got a hankering for some adventure gaming. Also, if I didn’t already own every Tex Murphy game on CD I’d be downloading Under a Killing Moon in a nanosecond.

Matthew Razak