GOG gave us 270(!) games to give away, come win a free game

No, seriously, come win a free game

You know what the big bummer about contests is? You always have a chance to win, but that chance is usually fairly low. Even if only 50 people entered, you’d still have like a 10 percent chance of winning if there were 5 prizes. The odds are rarely in your favor.

I aced my freshman year statistics class so I feel comfortable making the following assertion: The more prizes in a contest, the higher the probability (statistics term) is that you will be a winner. So, if we had something insane, like, I don’t know, 270 games to give away, you’d have fairly decent odds of getting a free game. 

That’s a mighty convenient example because, as it turns out, we have exactly 270 games to give away. In honor of its Valentine’s Day sale, GOG gave us 270 codes to give to our readers. TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 200 copies of System Shock 2
  • 10 copies of Shadow Warrior 2
  • 10 copies of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy
  • 5 copies of The Solus Project
  • 10 copies of This War of Mine
  • 15 copies of The Witcher 2
  • 10 copies of Grim Dawn
  • 5 copies of Darkest Dungeon
  • 5 copies of Master of Orion

That’s right, we’re shocking more systems than Tegan and Sara. Seems like a good opportunity to figure out what’s up with all those dick jokes in Shadow Warrior 2, also.

Here’s how we’re gonna play this one: Enter by leaving a comment. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, tell us what candy you’d give to your most despised enemy. Then, go to the widget right below this paragraph to confirm that you’ve left a comment. (We have to turn to a widget here because 270 games is a lot and we don’t want to kill Mike just yet.) The process for sending codes to winners should be automated after that.

Destructoid – Giveaway: From Wishlists, With Love

If you’re giving the sexy eyes to another game that’s not on this list, head over to GOG’s From Wishlists, With Love sale. It has more than 70 of the community’s most-wanted games discounted, some of them upward of 90 percent. That runs for six days until February 20. Plenty of time to get romantic today and then get your DRM-free gaming on later.

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