GOG.com adds five DRM-free games to its catalog

From Deep Silver and Nordic

GOG prides itself on offering up a completely DRM-free service. Thankfully, there are now five more DRM-free games on the portal as of today, compliments of efforts between GOG, Deep Silver, and Nordic Games.

Those titles include Metro: Last Light Redux, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, Darksiders 1, and #Darksiders2. To celebrate the occasion, they’re running a sale with up to 75% in discounts. It’ll run until May 18, so you have a little time to decide.

In other GOG news, the Galaxy client is in beta, and The Witcher series is on sale. I’m liking Galaxy so far, as it feels like a cleaner Steam. I suspect it’ll get bloated over time.

Chris Carter
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