GOG accepting old CD keys for digital games

Dig through your cupboards and find that old manual

Are you one of those gamers who have a mountain of old video game discs cluttering up their home for operating systems they no longer use? Do you fancy going back to one of those old games and not having to buy a new physical copy when the disk is right in front of you? Well, GOG.com is working on a solution for you.

The new Reclaim service on GOG.com is working to allow gamers to input valid CD keys for physical games they own and redeem free digital copies that have been updated to run on modern systems properly. 

The service is currently very limited, supporting only half a dozen games in a handful of countries, but it’s certainly a start. Gamers all over the world can redeem any CD keys they have for the STALKER games Call of Pripyat, Shadow of Chernobyl, and Clear Sky. Gamers in a handful of Russian speaking countries will also be able to redeem CD keys for Mount & Blade titles Warband and With Fire & Sword as well as Eador: Genesis.

Good on GOG.com. Let’s hope this service continues to expand going forward.


Laura Dale