Godzilla is keeping people from preordering the Switch in Japan

Oh no, they say he’s got to go

The Nintendo Switch has become a hot commodity here in the United States, and it’s no less so in its home country. Japanese fans who’ve been trying to order the hybrid console through Nintendo’s online store have been seeing an error message for the last couple of days, accompanied by a simple drawing of a large lizard attacking Kyoto tower. 

The creature bears some resemblance to Toho’s movie monster Godzilla, though it doesn’t have his dorsal fins. That hasn’t stopped fans from calling the creature “Nin Godzilla,” a play on the most recent movie, Shin Godzilla. The creature has become quite popular, inspiring fan art, needlepoint samplers, and even an endless runner game where you have to dodge towers and shoot error messages at buildings.

The last Godzilla game on an Nintendo platform was the four player fighting game Godzilla Unleashed in 2007, a Wii followup to the GameCube’s Destroy all Monsters Melee. It’s unlikely that this sighting will lead to anything more, but it’s kind of cool to see how fans’ imaginations have been captured by a simple line drawing.

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