Godzilla x GigaBash collaboration announced

Godzilla GigaBash

As long as it’s not ‘Zilla

Now this is a crossover that just makes sense. Passion Republic Games, the team behind this summer’s sleeper GigaBash, announced it’s working with one of the world’s oldest movie stars. Though details are extremely scarce, GigaBash is collaborating with Godzilla on “something really special.” Outside of the trailer below, that’s about all we have to go on.

Does this mean Godzilla is coming to the game as a DLC character? It’s possible. Heck, the entire Toho roster of kaiju could be joining in on the fun. But we just don’t know because the only information Passion Republic Games has given us is that it’s collaborating with Godzilla on “something really special.”

In fact, with such little information, this arguably isn’t a story worth reporting on. But I love Godzilla so much that I will find the 300 words necessary to meet the minimum SEO requirement for this article.

If you haven’t played GigaBash–now available on PS4, PS5, and PC–it’s an entertaining 4-player monster brawler in the spirit of games like SNK’s King of the Monsters and Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee. The game features a variety of Titans that all have unique gameplay styles, and while there is a single-player component to the game as well as online play, it’s best experienced locally with a couple of friends.

Admittedly, the game already has a heaping dose of Godzilla influence throughout it, including the setting for several of its stages, the Titan Rawa, and a couple of picture filters meant to mimic the films of the Showa era.

Should any iteration of Godzilla come to the game (I have my fingers crossed for Millennium Godzilla or the long-lost Ghost Godzilla), they would be a welcome addition to a game that could use a few more characters. The same goes for other Toho creations, like King Ceasar, Hedorah, or Orga. I’d love to see them and more find their way into this wonderful little brawler before people completely forget about it and move on to, let’s say, Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher.

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