Godfather II space opens in Home, poker tournament tonight

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Today isn’t a bad day to hit the virtual streets of Sony’s PlayStation Home. At some point this afternoon Electronic Arts will open its Godfather II space, complete with mobster furnishings and interactive Poker tables. You won’t be able to earn real money at the tables, however Sony is planning something to sweeten the new addition: tonight, you may have the opportunity to rob a celebrity of his digital coin.

According to the official PlayStation blog, a Celebrity Poker tournament will be held in the space at 8:00 P.M. (Eastern). We’re not entirely sure if the famous participants are real celebrities — it may just be a guy dressed up like Chris Redfield, Ryu or the Echochrome weirdo. But, hey, you always wanted to beat Redfield in a battle of skill and wits, right? You certainly won’t win a strength contest against him. Well, unless you hire someone to break his kneecaps. Get it? Mobsters, man. Mobsters.

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