Godfall: Ultimate Edition is coming to Xbox and Steam in April

Godfall Ultimate Edition Xbox Steam

More gods will fall on more platforms, hopefully

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One of the first PlayStation 5 console exclusives is making its way to new platforms. Godfall: Ultimate Edition arrives on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam on April 7, the same day as its PlayStation and Epic Games Store launch.

Ultimate Edition is the new version of Godfall which contains both the looter-slasher core game Godfall and various updates. These include PrimalLightbringer, and Exalted updates, the Fire & Darkness expansion, and previously exclusive pre-order and special edition bonuses.

Godfall: Ultimate Edition will run $39.99, though Xbox and Steam get a special launch price of $29.99 for a limited time.

Gearbox and Counterplay Games’ loot-slasher action-RPG was one of the first big games for the PlayStation 5. It came in okay but failed to maintain a foothold, as players seemed to bounce off it a bit. Over the time since, Godfall has made its way backwards to the PlayStation 4 and got a strange PlayStation Plus boost, and now it looks like Counterplay and Gearbox have their sights set on more platforms.

I always love a good redemption arc, so Godfall‘s venture out past PlayStation and the Epic Games Store is interesting to see. Godfall definitely has a different look and feel compared to most other hero-shooters and loot-centric games. But other games like Lost Ark still feel like they’re occupying the same conversation space. It could be some tough competition for Godfall.

We’ll see how the grizzled warrior holds up on new platforms when Godfall: Ultimate Edition arrives on Xbox and Steam, alongside PlayStation and Epic, on April 7.

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