God of War Ragnarok is still on track for a 2022 release date

God of War Ragnarok 2022

It couldn’t come any sooner

The 2018 reboot of the God of War series was a huge game for Sony. It was pretty much universally praised, won plenty of Game of the Year awards, and sold a butt load of units. Kratos has become one of the faces of the PlayStation brand, and rightfully so — even before the reboot, God of War was considered one of the best game series of all time.

Now fans are thrilled to have that legacy continue, because the next entry in the franchise, God of War Ragnarokis finally getting ready for its 2022 release, which fans were unsure it was going to be able to meet. After a recent video of studio head Cory Barlog apologizing that Sony Santa Monica didn’t have anything new to show fans, there were concerns that there was another delay on the horizon, after the game was already delayed a year back in 2021.

Ragnarok has received a rating from the Korean Ratings Board, however, which is often the country that releases its ratings first. If the game is already at this stage in the publishing process, it looks like it’s primed for its Q4 2022 release after all. Huzzah, boy!

When God of War Ragnarok was first announced back in 2020, fans originally expected it to be a PS5 exclusive. With the series being one of the most high-profile exclusives under the PlayStation umbrella, it makes sense that it would be one of the main selling points of the next-generation console. However, with the chip shortage and PS5s selling out in minutes with every restock, Sony finally announced in June of 2021 that Ragnarok would be coming to PS4 after all.

As someone who is still yet to luck out with a PS5 purchase, I feel like I speak for the fans when I say there would have been a revolt if Sony didn’t all for the game to be available on the previous console generation. Here’s hoping we get some more info during the upcoming State of Play event, although there’s no guarantee that God of War will be making an appearance. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it got its own event considering how what a big deal it is. At least we know it’s coming now though, and it’s just a waiting game when it comes to the logistics.

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