God of War Ragnarok shows off a quick burst of combat in new gameplay

God of War Ragnarok

Kratos is still learning some new tricks

God of War Ragnarok is on its way, with some all-new battles for Kratos and his son Atreus to wind up in. Today, we got a quick hit of some combat, showing off new moves Kratos will have in November.

As part of Game Informer’s cover story for Ragnarok, the team has already talked about changes coming to Kratos’ arsenal. Today’s video shows just what that looks like in action. We see him running around an arena, beating the daylights out of some merfolk-looking enemies.

A key component of Kratos’ move set, as the video describes, is the idea of playing with your food. The god of war can really send enemies flying and bouncing around, as well as employ some elemental moves.

These elemental moves are part of a new system for Kratos’ weapons. The Leviathan Axe can bring out frost magic, while the Blades of Chaos elicit fire. By holding or mashing the Triangle button, the weapons become infused with the elements, doing extra damage to enemies.

He’s really in his element here

It’s a quick little burst of gameplay, with the video coming in at under two minutes. Still, it’s nice to see some gameplay of God of War Ragnarok. I’ve been curious as to how different the combat would feel in Ragnarok versus the 2018 iteration. Seems like Sony Santa Monica Studios have found some ways of adding on top of what was already a pretty solid set of mechanics.

The written portion of Game Informer’s cover story also talks about the shields, both the Dauntless and Stonewall versions, as well as some other granular bits of gameplay detail. It might still seem far away, but November is inching ever closer. And with it, plenty more enemies for Kratos to smash apart.

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