God of War PSP demo update: hold your horses (September 7th)

Remember that free UMD demo of God of War: Chains of Olympus you signed up for about a month ago? Well, sit down, because you’re going to be waiting about three more months for it to arrive. 

Sony’s been sending word that the demo will be arriving on or (more likely) around September 7th. In the meantime, Sony and Ready at Dawn Studios are promising to slip out info regularly between now and September.

We’re excited to tell you that the demo is only part of the fun.Before you actually receive the disc, we’ve got plenty of exclusive info coming your way. Watch your e-mail over the next few months for insider information on the development of the latest installment of the God of War saga.

The e-mail then goes on to introduce the game’s producer, Ru Weerasuriya. Sure, he has the coolest name ever, but what we’re really interested in is all of the ways in which Kratos is going to be ripping wings of off harpies. 

If any more of this “insider” information comes our way, we’ll be sure to pass it along. In the meantime, sit tight and think about how awesome it’s going to be to play God of War on the toilet.

Nick Chester