God of War PSP demo done, the Gods of Olympus have not abandoned you

I’ll send you back to Hades!!! ARES!!!!!

Sorry, I get carried away. But one thing that will satiate my appetite for all things Kratos-related will be the UMD demo for his latest PlayStation Portable adventure. Metal God and Cory Barlog has announced that the God of War: Chains of Olympus Special Edition: Battle of Attica demo discs have shipped, which means that they should be landing in mailboxes soon, for those who have ordered one. Of course, I didn’t get my Hot Shots Tennis demo until last week, and I ordered that one back in May, so who knows.

Barlog gushes over the game, saying that it’s “looking absolutely amazing,” and then mentions that the title picked up a “Best PSP Game” award at the recent Leipzig Games Convention. We played the game at E3 this year and were equally impressed, but then again, we have all have a bit of crush on Kratos. He’s so dreamy.

Nick Chester