God of War III’s site relaunches, has more war in it

Looking forward to God of War III? Of course you are, you frigging idiot! It’s probably going to be one of the best exclusives the PS3 will ever have, and to celebrate, you can check out the relaunched God of War III Web site and check out all the new content Sony has spilled onto the Interwebs.

The new site has screenshots, videos, a community forum and the “Spartan Army,” a group that fans can join in order to get their hands on exclusive updates and content. There is also a threadbare merchandise section, which I am hoping against hope will be updated to reveal cuddly Kratos plushies. I would buy a Kratos plushie in a heartbeat, and any masculine, real man would do the same. 

God of War III is going to make me do a mess inside of my pants, thanks. 

Jim Sterling