God of War III reality show looking for contestants

Oh, Spike. You do so much for gaming. Too much really. You should probably stop with all the high class stuff before people start respecting us gamers too much. No? You would rather do a reality show based on God of War III. Well, OK, I guess. More reality TV sounds… great?

Spike and Sony are putting together a show called Last Titan Standing. From the casting call page it seems like contestants will not only be playing God of War III before anyone else, but will also be taking part in challenges from the game that have been recreated in real life. They’re looking for physically fit people with a sharp mind, so I would guess there will be Survivor like challenges that involve thinking and physical activity.

If for whatever reason you are interested in participating in this show, the deadline is Feb. 19 and you have to fill out a questionnaire and read some legal mumbo jumbo. You’ll also need to write some stuff and send a photo in to [email protected]. We can’t have the uglies showing up on TV, now can we?

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