God of War III demo shipping on District 9 Blu-ray

When I think of shrimp-like aliens who have been oppressed by South Africans, I’m always reminded of Spartan warriors who perform assassination missions for ancient Gods. This is why District 9 and God of War III are a match made in Heaven, with the Blu-ray version of the critically acclaimed movie containing a demo for 2010’s big PS3 exclusive.

District 9 is out on Blu-ray on December 29, and God of War III‘s demo will be packed onto the very same disc. Completion of the demo will unlock a God of War III “making of” featurette. Yes, we know, there is absolutely no discernible link between District 9 and God of War III, but who cares? This is Sony doing what Sony does best — showing off.

So, if you’re not planning to get God of War Collection, this is an alternative for you.

James Stephanie Sterling