God of War III demo coming with God of War Collection

So there will be a God of War III demo. Unfortunately, potential players of aforementioned demo will have to be either (a) adventurous consumers or (b) uber-fans of the God of War series. And why is that exactly? Because Sony Computer Entertainment is bundling the demo with God of War Collection.

In a recent posting on the official PlayStation blog, SCE Santa Monica director of product development John Hight revealed that the voucher for the downloadable demo (via PSN) would be included with every copy of the Collection — it’s not a pre-order deal, in other words. Also in the post, it’s made clear that the demo will be the same one that appeared at E3 2009. No shortage of gore and action in that one. That’s for sure.

God of War Collection is slated for release this holiday, while God of War III hits in March.

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