God of War has a free ‘Enhanced Performance’ boost for PS5 players

4K checkerboard at 60FPS will be the new default for God of War running on PlayStation 5

There’s a list of must-play PS4 games that warrant a visual and performance upgrade on PS5, and soon, we can check off God of War. Sony Santa Monica is pushing out a free PS5 update on February 2.

The update adds an “Enhanced Performance Experience” as the default graphics setting in God of War. With it enabled, you can bond with your boy at 60 frames per second and 4K checkerboard. Fans have been calling for an upgrade of this sort, and it’s arriving seemingly well before Ragnarok – perfect!

The old visual setting – Original Performance Experience – will still be available should you want to stick with 4K checkerboard at 30 frames per second while playing God of War on your PlayStation 5.

Who’s up next for the free-PS5-boost treatment? Horizon Zero Dawn? Lead right into Forbidden West.

I know some of you would prefer to have thoughtful DualSense feedback and other PS5 niceties that you might see in a full-on PS4-to-PS5 remaster, but for a free update, I’m happy enough.

Jordan Devore
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