God of War gets the indie makeover it never needed

What if God of War was directed by Wes Anderson with a screenplay by Diablo Cody and a soundtrack by that band you don’t know, but you pretend to know because it’s clear all the cool kids know them or are at least pretending to know them too? The answer to that question is the trailer above, which reinterprets Kratos’s epic story into a the far less epic life of a prep-school teenager.

The French, or whomever is naming film genres these days, really need to get on naming this style of film. Indie doesn’t really cover it since Indie can be any independent film. There’s definitely a genre here and to the best of my knowledge no one has slapped a name on it yet. Naming things is important! Why hasn’t anyone jumped on it?

Well, let us fix that, good readers of Destructoid. What should this style of film be called, and will God of War become its masterpiece.

God of War Movie Trailer [Gamervision]

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