God of War director claims the newest entry won’t have microtransactions

This is 2018, where we celebrate single-player games not having microtransactions

We’re in an era where any game can have loot boxes or microtransactions. I mean, Middle-earth: Shadow of War for all intents and purposes is a single-player experience, but it still somehow found a way to incorporate loot boxes. Many were worried that the upcoming God of War might find a way to slide them in; as a fan posted a faint picture of what seems to be an in-game currency of some sort on Twitter.

In response God of War director Cory Barlog (who I constantly write as “Balrog,” the non-winged creatures who served Morgoth from Tolkien lore that typically have wings in various adaptations) just confirmed that no, the next GoW will not have them — “no freakin’ way,” was the exact phrasing.

Now I seriously doubt Barlog would put his reputation on the line if he wasn’t 1000% sure, but just note that we don’t have full confirmation from Sony just yet. We’ve reached out to Sony to corroborate the statement.

Cory Barlog [Twitter]

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