God of War continues dominating, sells more than 5 million copies

I am unstoppable, boy

Can God of War be stopped? In addition to being Sony’s fastest selling PS4 exclusive and the best selling game of April 2018, God of War has now broken the five million copy mark. While this isn’t the best selling game on the platform, it would put it in the top 20 (according to VGChartz). The news comes from Sony’s “Investor Relations Day” report where John Kodera, Sony’s Boss, announced the figure alongside a bunch of other PlayStation data.

I’m just astounded at how well this game is doing, though I really shouldn’t be. Gamers have been crying out for a single-player game that respects their time for a long while, but a lot of greedy publishers haven’t been listening. Leave it to Sony to have a diverse portfolio of titles on its platform that caters to everyone without compromising the quality of individual games. I’ve said it before, but God of War should stand as a testament to how focused, linear games can still sell like crazy.

God of War Sales Top 5 Million in the First Month [IGN]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.