God Eater: Music samples and downloadable sheet music

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The Japanese website for upcoming PSP action RPG God Eater has added a several  bonuses recently that music nerds will likely appreciate.

The first one can be appreciated by anyone: Selections from the huge musical score by one of Namco Bandai’s best, Go Shiina, are in the webpage’s “Special” section. Stream from 18 fantastic selections that range from hybrid rock orchestral to quiet string sections to massive choir/symphony epics. They spared no expense on this score, and it’s already shaping up to be one of the best sounding portable games I’ve ever heard.

For the musically inclined, in the same “Special” section is some beautifully made sheet music for game song “Kami to Hito to” for piano performance. In the background of the 7 pages of this score, you’ll find various pieces of art from God Eater, which is a really nice touch. I’ll be looking forward to playing this song on piano later today.

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