God Eater Burst: A PSP game and an update

While we’re still waiting on the North American version of the original God Eater from D3 Publisher, Japan’s already talking about a follow-up called God Eater Burst. We’ve heard the name before, but we still don’t know much about it.

The latest Famitsu lists God Eater Burst as a PSP title, which we probably could have guessed. At least we know now.

There’s a few more details that are less solid, seeing as how they come from 2ch and some Japanese blogs. They say that Burst is not a full sequel, but an evolved version of the first game. The rumor is that it contains additional story, characters, arms, and more. Tweaks to the game’s balance and graphics are also rumored.

Hey, maybe D3 is working those goodies into our first release of the franchise. That would be great, actually.

God Eater Burst Confirmed For PSP [Siliconera]

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