Go to McDonalds, play on an N64

Only joking! Sort of. 

I’m always amused by old signs and billboards that somebody just hasn’t been bothered to take down, advertising things that people can’t be bothered to make anymore. This has to be one of my favorite, however. A McDonalds in Culver City, CA is still “offering” a PlayPlace area for kids that features an N64. 

I’m not sure which would be the worse disappointment. Retro gamers noticing the sign, pulling up and discovering that the sign is outdated, or modern day kids noticing the sign, rushing in and discovering the sign is true, being greeted as they would be by an ancient, archaic, obsolete piece of gaming history that they’ve probably never heard of. 

In any case, this is a quite a silly post. 

[Thanks, Daniel!]

Jim Sterling