Go nuts: Tons of iOS games are on sale now

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I’ll be straight with you. My pal Brad Nicholson has used his glistening, shapely muscles to do all the work here. I’m really just linking you to several of his good sale roundups of iOS games. 

Capcom, Gameloft and Sega are having good sales this weekend. Namco and EA? Yep, they’re all up in it as well. Lots of others are also getting down with the discounts. Load up your iPad or iPhone with games you’ll never finish! Feel good about yourself scrolling through countless icons on your Apple thing! Tell yourself it’s only $0.99! Forget that you could buy 3 packs of ramen with that kind of green! F*ck it. Do it live. Tappity tap tap. 

No, really. Get at least some of the Gameloft ones. Almost all their good okay stuff is $0.99. There’s action and sports packs that are normally $5; they’re a total steal for a buck. 

My corgi Einstein makes a guest appearance in this header!

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