Go home, stay home, get Gone Home for free on Epic

Hob too, plus two other games

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Hey, are you out and about? You’re not supposed to be out and about! You’re supposed to be home, sleeping all day and playing video games. That’s what responsible adults do right now.

So, for the homebound, here’s a game about being inside a house (once you move Christmas Duck). Gone Home is half of this week’s Epic Games Store freebie giveaway extravaganza. 

The other half parallels Gone Home‘s exploration, but with infinite more combat. Action-adventure game Hob is also free on the Epic Games Store this week. 

Wait, there’s more! Drawful 2 and (the newly-launched) Totally Reliable Delivery Service are also free on Epic right now. They’re not a part of the weekly giveaway promotion, they’re just free. Don’t ask questions.

Speaking of asking questions, next week’s free game is Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

Drawful 2Gone Home, Hob, Totally Reliable Delivery Service

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