Go Alone in the Dark to win an Xbox 360, AitD and plenty o’ swag

Mr. Destructoid is feeling very generous this month (if you’re a US resident, of course; let’s get that crapstorm outta the way right now). Hot off the heels of our OVER 9000 contest (which is still running and has a deadline extension — more on that later), we’ve teamed up with Rocket XL to give away another Xbox 360, this time with a copy of Alone in the Dark, a hat, a T-shirt, a flashlight and an Edward Carnby figure.

What do you have to do in order to win this stuff? Well, since I’m already destroying the CBlogs with our other contest, I thought I’d be more merciful to the community and force myself to suffer instead. What I want you to do is put your artistic skills to use and draw what you think happens to other videogame characters when they are alone in the dark. We already know what Edward Carnby has to put up with, but how about Pikachu, or Kratos? When the lights go out, what do they get up to? Simply email jim @ destructoid.com with your artistic renderings.

And now you can see why I’m due to suffer. I dread to think how many images of Yoshi masturbating I’m going to get in my inbox now. Let’s at least try and keep it moderately original and … not so penile … please? Now, the rules:

The contest runs for a month — deadline ends July 23, 2008.

One entry per contestant.

Email must be titled “Alone in the Dark Contest,” otherwise you’ll die or something. 

Offer is open to US residents only. Again, apologies to my friends in Europe and Canada. I promise I am working on something more worldwide for you guys.

I want these images hand-drawn. Yes, this is no Photoshop contest, you maggots. With pencils, crayons, an electronic drawing device (not Paint; a hand drawing device) or your own dried blood, I want pictures hand-drawn and then scanned/photographed/whatever’d. Most inventive and funny image wins. 

Good luck!

James Stephanie Sterling