Giveaway: Get weird with a new copy of Strange Brigade for PS4

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If I had three friends, I’d do my best to take them all back to the 1930s to explore temples, jungles, and pyramids in search of ancient and arcane treasures only to inevitably run into the sprites and spirits that are cursed to protect them. That’s all anyone did in the ’30s.

Well, even if you don’t have three friends, like me, you can make three new ones since we’re giving out four PS4 keys of Rebellion’s vintage co-op shooter Strange Brigade!

Strange Brigade sees a group of unlikely companions — a mystical spirit warrior, a grizzled sharpshooter, a rough-and-tumble brawler, and a daring archaeologist — as they travel through ruinous ruins in search of adventure. You’ll experience hostile environments, ancient traps, and resurrected ghouls as you work together to survive long enough to document the wonders of the world.

To book your ticket, comment below with your qualifications to join the Strange Brigade. I once pretended to be a chair for an entire afternoon just to wait for my roommate to get home so I could stand up after he sat on me and shout, “Now who’s sitting on who?!” It didn’t work, but it was enough to get me on the Strange Brigade’s waiting list.

Our keys are for North American PS Store accounts only. Make sure you comment with a Dtoid account that has your current email address on file. I’m asking for a resume here, and you wouldn’t submit one of those without your contact info, would you?

Strange Brigade is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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