Giveaway: Flock toward your free Steam key of The King’s Bird

And boy, are my arms tired

A game’s art direction is often the first thing they notice about it, and as such, an attractive game can often make the difference between something that pops out or something that ends up on the eternal laterbase.

Today, our frankly irresponsible summer giveaway series focuses on The King’s Bird, a beautiful platforming title from developer Serenity Forge. This one’s a looker, folks, and 10 lucky readers will be able to win a Steam copy for free!

The King’s Bird is a precision platformer that takes place in a beautiful and mysterious world where nature and civilization clash. Players will control a woman who must unlock her past and find the key to her future as she gracefully floats, flies, dashes, and dodges her way through a hostile and exciting platforming adventure. Use your momentum and skill to wall slide, boost, and draft your way around obstacles in this stunning game of beauty and chaos.

Want in on this one? Leave a comment below telling us your special skill that helps you survive the gauntlet of hurdles that lies before you. I’m partial to my natural ability to effortlessly fall down any flight of stairs that might hinder my travels in life.

10 random winners will be drawn on Monday, August 27. In order to be considered, you must comment from a Dtoid account with your current email address on file. If I can’t contact you, I can’t give you this lovely free game. Do not make me fall down a flight of stairs to chase you.

The King’s Bird can be purchased now on Steam.

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